How Do I Play Rugby Overseas?

Although it’s a big life decision, it’s easier than you might think. Find out here…

Where Can I Play Rugby Overseas?

The most popular countries are Australia, New Zealand and the UK. But there are plenty of other options in Europe, North America, Asia and beyond. Take a closer look at some of the countries here…

Do I Need a Visa to Play Rugby Overseas?

Yes. You’ll need a visa for the majority of overseas countries you may want to play in, especially if you want to work alongside playing rugby. On the whole, visas are quick, easy to acquire and allow you to work and stay for 12-24 months.

Aus –

NZ –

UK –

For any other countries, a quick online search will find what you’re looking for.

Can I Make Money Playing Rugby Overseas?

You can. But it depends on where you go. As a very very general rule of thumb, there is more money in Europe compared to Australia and New Zealand at club level. But, of course individual clubs will have differing amounts of money to offer. 

How do Different Rugby Competitions and Grades Compare Across the World?

The top level of rugby in New Zealand is the National Provincial Championship (NPC) otherwise known as the Mitre 10, then below the NPC B, known as the Heartland Championship. In Australia, top level competition is based around the state capitals. The two best leagues being in Sydney and Brisbane. In England the club structure works in a basic top down format. Premiership, Championship, National 1, 2, then 3 followed by regional competitions.

For a very rough guide, first grade in Australia is similar to the Heartland Champ in NZ and National One in England. Although obviously there will be some variance here between certain players. 

When is the Rugby Season in Australia/New Zealand?

Matches run from March to August, with pre-season normally running from January time.

When is the Rugby Season in the UK?

Matches run between September and May in the winter.

Do I have to be Really Good to Play Rugby Overseas?

There are opportunities for all levels of players all over the world. Whether you’re looking to really test yourself at the highest level. Or, just have some fun and make a new set of mates.

How Easy is it for Women to Play Rugby Overseas?

With women’s rugby on the rise globally, there is definitely the opportunity to play overseas. Women’s teams can be found all over Australia, New Zealand, the UK and more. Take a look at this blog for some more info. 

What Kind of Jobs can you get Overseas?

You can pretty much do anything you were doing in your home country. Bear in mind you may need to obtain certificates in certain professions to be able to work. For example, in Australia to do any construction work you will at the very least need a White Card (health and safety certificate). To be able to sell alcohol you will need an RSA (responsible service of alcohol). To do any work with children eg coaching/teaching you will need a blue card.  

How do you Create a Highlights Video?

Check out this blog for all your highlight video needs.

How Useful are Agencies in Playing Rugby Overseas?

Agencies have experience and contacts at clubs so they can provide a great service. If you are short on time it could be the best route. But, if you have time on your hands don’t be afraid to contact clubs yourself.

Do I Need International Clearance to Play Rugby Overseas?

Yes. But this is easy to get hold of. The quickest way is to get the papers signed by your current club before you leave but don’t worry if not. The club you join will most likely do the leg work for you. 

Will I Need Insurance to Play Rugby Overseas?

Insurance is normally covered when paying registration to national governing bodies such as the RFU or Rugby Australia. But I would double check with your club just to make sure. Outside of rugby there are some reciprocal health care programmes available between countries. But for those of you unable to access free health care, travel insurance is recommended.

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