Play Rugby in Canada

Canada is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. The variety of landscapes and endless offerings of wildlife will make you fall in love with this beast of a country. Canada really is nature’s playground, whether you’re skiing at the world renowned Whistler or kayaking in Haida Gwaii, there’s something to suit everyone. Undertake the trip of a lifetime and play rugby in Canada.

Rugby Union is a moderately popular sport in Canada, it faces the same challenges as the USA in terms of competition with other sports, especially Ice Hockey. But, the Canadian National team has competed in every world cup. The sport is played across the country and even in remote locations like the Yukon. It is most popular on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.

The Canadian Rugby Championship (CRC) is the highest level of domestic rugby in Canada. Four teams compete for the title: BC Bears, Prairie Wolf Pack, Ontario Blues and Atlantic Rock. Below this rugby in Canada is broken down into provincial unions, the three most popular rugby regions are British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.


Rugby British Columbia

On the west coast of Canada, you will find the province of British Columbia. Here you can find epic adrenaline rushes. The slopes of whisler provide world class winter skiing and mountain biking through the warmer months. It’s easy to get over awed by the Canadian wilderness but there are a number of beautiful cities. In Western Canada’s largest city, Vancouver you’ll find a bustling port side metropolis. The downtown area is packed with restaurants and bars but this is just the start. Find yourself with the locals in one of the diverse mini districts such as Yaletown. Not to mention you’re only a 30 minute car journey from the mountains!

In BC, mens teams from Vancouver, the lower mainland, Fraser Valley and Interior compete across four divisions. The mild weather means that rugby can be played year round unlike in other parts of the country.

British Columbia

Rugby Alberta

Alberta is lakes and mountains personified. Home to two of the world’s oldest national parks Jasper and Banff this area is utterly breathtaking. You can’t be in Alberta and not lay your eyes on Peyto Lake and the Columbia Icefield. 

It’s not all wild and rugged terrain, there is also rugby to be played here. Rugby Alberta is represented by over 70 clubs across Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Calgary has become a cool place to live in recent times, throwing off the shackles of its wild west image. In the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary plays host to outstanding natural beauty. The city was voted the world’s 4th most liveable in 2018, with low population density, high quality of life and housing abundant it’s easy to see why. Make sure you catch the Calgary Stampede whilst you’re there, one of Canada’s biggest festivals.


Rugby Ontario

Canada is currently represented in the MLR by one team, the Toronto Arrows from Ontario. Below this Ontario rugby is split into four, Eastern Ontario, Niagara, South West Ontario and Toronto.

The province is home to around 40% of Canada’s population with the majority of these living in Toronto or Ottawa. Both cities have exciting arts and entertainment scenes, kept on their toes by the nearby New York. Discover the Great Lakes on the American border, which contain a fifth of the planet’s freshwater. The capital of Ontario, Toronto is a major world city nestled on the north western shores of Lake Ontario. One of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Toronto has everything from art, food, beaches and nightlife. Most importantly it has rugby! It could provide the perfect new home to play rugby in Canada. 

You can’t be in Ontario and not visit Niagara Falls, 150,000 gallons of water plunging more than 1000 ft every second! The Canadian side offers better views than its New York counterpart, so make the hour journey by car and witness its wonders.


What Are You Waiting For?

If you can handle the cold and love the outdoors, this is the perfect place to start a rugby adventure. Start researching today and decide which province is right for you. Then check out our blog for tips and guidance on the next steps to your rugby adventure. Play rugby and discover everything else Canada has to offer.